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Kyber Network KNC. The Exodus servers are back online. May 12, Saturday, 2: The Tronscan server is currently having some problems. Fixed incorrect balance issues for Bitcoin after rescanning. For those who like to keep Exodus open and watch their portfolio throughout the day, the auto-update will check for new versions every hour instead of only at startup. Augur had a security vulnerability in its contract. Support bmo harris bank and coinbase buy bitcoin with google play buttons now open the default mail client and pre-fill the Exodus version number. Get 2000 dollar amazon card bitcoin how long does it take coinbase account verification bug was kinda like the feeling of having an awkward conversation - we're soooo glad it's. You may also see a message on the portfolio to "Please check your internet connection. Removed the refresh state items from the developer menu. Further speed and reliability optimizations have been made to monitor incoming Ethereum and all Ethereum token transactions. The new history drawer calculates your overall percentage change for each of your Exodus exchanges. Look for this in the July 1, build. You can now restore from your word phrase by clicking a button directly on the password screen. A new logo has been introduced along with other design updates throughout the wallet. We redesigned the drawers a bit to be able to bump the font sizes slightly. See our full Reddit post about this decision. This small security step should help users who forget to properly discard files with private keys after they are used. Curious button pushers no longer have to commit to a password reset. Includes new animations and a menu to easily access features from within individual asset wallets. This Babel release enables AsyncGenerators. For japan news bitcoin ethereum mining easdy tutorial, this only impacts Bitcoin exchanges. Portfolio Fixed incorrect portfolio balances shown on startup.

Update device firmware

We talked to a few customers that had a computer lose power suddenly or saw disk errors causing corrupted wallet files. Hurray for consistency! This was our mistake - we now check, check and check. Cryptocurrency guide reddit cryptocurrency purchase app new users, here is a link, including videos on how to upgrade Exodus to the latest version. Thanks to Vitalik, we sapphire radeon rx 550 mining scrypt cloud mining vs sha256 cloud mining have a clever Ethereum address checksum. Funds are safe and transactions are executed, but the API issues prevent us to display them correctly. Settings Descriptions and community links have been updated for new assets active in the exchange. This would add crypto key asa best pump group crypto the link to not work when you visited Etherscan. We are working with our exchange partner to rectify this issue as quickly as possible. We believe this is an industry first! You're still reading these!? Exodus has changed from HD addresses to only use one receive address per asset. We also have about 9 days to go for our on-chain consensus vote, so stakeholders who wish to participate should make sure their vote choices are set in their wallet. General The Notifications system has been completely revamped. This resulted in greater readability and consistency across all wallets and transactions.

We now actively monitor the network connection for reliability and notify the user if needed. Download Exodus Exodus now has a new font for the navigation and portfolio section. For new users, check our knowledge base and video help on how to upgrade Exodus to the latest version. This font allows for larger numbers and text on all screen sizes. If all reliability test pass we will have these assets available for exchange late Monday, Sept. These were previously small fonts that were harder to read. Exodus encrypts private keys and transaction data on your device and for your eyes only. We fixed a pesky windows build problem. Wallet receive times now update automatically, as time passes, in the transaction listing view. ShapeShift is now back online! Vertcoin VTC. Basically a fancy way of saying you hear incoming deposits "cha-ching" in seconds!

Exodus Status

Fixed the ability to turn on disabled assets when they have a balance. July 28, 2: Advanced users using your XPub in the dev console will now be able to properly export addresses. We made a very quick 2 minute overview movie of Exodus. October 12, Friday, Wallet An exchange button has been added alongside the send and receive buttons in each of your asset wallets. This will be helpful for network updates and capacity notifications. Fixed managing change addresses in segwit wallets with extensive history. Lisk LISK is available for sending, receiving, and exchanging. This is one of Daniel's personal favorites at Exodus - give it a watch to check it out! Once the hard fork has passed and the network is stable again we will resume exchanges for Bitcoin Cash. There shouldn't be anymore slowdowns.

As the hard fork approaches Exodus will temporary disable Bitcoin Cash from the Exchange. This security patch was focused on protocols used in Exodus dependencies. We will continue to update this status page as we move towards a complete fix. Exodus now properly sizes and prevents text wrap on long Ethereum address vs. Exodus can now send to native Bitcoin Cash addresses CashAddr format. For all non-technical, normal users you can just upgrade as part of your regular security practice. Unfortunately, even with better fee calculations, BTC fees are still expensive. The Exodus exchange servers are back online. You could hit this issue if you disabled an asset then later received a payment to that disabled address. We ledger nano s hello app electrum btc cold storage be finalizing and removing skins not used in the final 1. We are working on getting the server fixed. August 1st, 1: This is accessed by clicking the backup tab on the main nav bar. August 29th, 6: Although advanced users want to use new Bitcoin addresses every time and you still can by advancing the arrow to the next address new users were confused. Exodus now automatically rebuilds your entire history of each asset when restoring from your word phrase. Binance is down due to security maintenance until May 16th, estimated. Bovada bitcoin payment bitcoin wallet hacks 2019 list you to Reddit user intisun for permission to use his Doge artwork. Fear not! These were previously electrum segwit2x paper bitcoin wallet services fonts that were harder to read. Adjusted the default theme Origin to a very subtle gradient. If you know what this nerdy lingo means, please see our career's page.

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Please read ShapeShift's blog post on the hard fork. This was just embarrassing. The consensus among miners is that total BTC hashrate will go back up to 60E. In addition we now have a knowledge base article detailing password protection when restoring using your word phrase. Fixed the annoying case where the ETH refresh button would continually spin forever … and ever. Tiny housekeeping thing: Previously users with large balances were experiencing ugly wrapping text. The Stellar server is currently having some problems. All Bitcoin balances after rescan are now correct. June 5, Tuesday, The Decred server is currently having some problems.

Keep your eye on Coinmarketcap and Cryptocompare! A number of small app design updates including icon and button styles opening trezor box what is my electrum wallet address a new theme. Thanks to Vitalik, we now have a clever Ethereum address checksum. Fixed Ethereum exchange rounding errors on 16 levels of emerging consensus bitcoin ledger nano s only settings option precision not matching ShapeShift expected amounts. Ethereum addresses are natively longer and they need special care in the entire application. Dragonchain DRGN. In the past users were manually typing every bitcoin, down to 8 levels of precision, in bits and the exchange would fail because of necessary mining fees. TrueUSD recently changed a contract address. Although we have not fixed this yet, we now have a CLI workaround here to restore your blockchain assets on Linux. Portfolio A redesigned portfolio welcome screen has been introduced for new, empty wallets. We are hoping to share this with you soon in the next few releases. ETH we see you and we are coming for you. If you have a Bitcoin Cash exchange that is stalled for more than 8 hours, please send an email to support exodus. Before they were both expanded to the same size. The upgrade button now marks your current version to allow for easier upgrades and upgrade notifications.

Current status

September 27, Thursday, Also, welcome China! If you are like us and have multiple computers Exodus looks the same. These are the same as your Ethereum private keys. Blah, no more. If you know what this nerdy lingo means, please see our career's page. While this particular site is not online anymore, these type of scams are prevalent. You can monitor the up-to-date status, to see if a block has recently confirmed after your exchange, at https: General The Notifications system has been completely revamped. All hard-core-crypto users can join the party and use Exodus too. This page will show you the Bitcoin Cash network and the latest times a block has been confirmed.

Jihan made a first public appearance for a keynote 3 days after the announcement. Tezos is a self-amending blockchain that features formally verified smart contracts, on-chain governance, and a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm which enables all token holders to participate in the network. We are looking at you support exodus. May 12, Saturday, 2: Before we were missing spaces and, frankly, it looked awful. Like talking to devs and traveling? We changed contract addresses in the previous update but found a few exchanges using TrueUSD to occasionally not start. Simplified choices on in the developer menu for Ripple XRP. Previously exchanges were not logged until the exchange was complete - this caused confusion tracking down funds when an error happened. The correct behavior is one half of the maximum. Random deposits of Augur and Golem would show up in the transaction list but not added to the balance until after a refresh. If you have an an exchange in progress that involves Bitcoin it will complete, however it may take up to 24 hours. The "can-not-connect-to-network banner" should no longer appear unless you bitcoin to pizza bitcoin price investing have network problems. Rchain RHOC has been delisted. We are actively monitoring for the next few hours and will turn off this alert once we are sure all systems are stable. Wallet receive times now update automatically, as time passes, in the transaction listing view. Exodus now does a few double ethereum hashrate 5850 2 gig ethereum hashrate test to ensure wallet files behind the contract mining services eth mining profitability in the OS are tidy and closed properly. We redesigned the drawers a bit to be able to bump the font sizes slightly. The asset descriptions in the Settings section have been updated to give Exodus users the sweet and savory details on their purpose and function. Also made spacing adjustments to the entire backup section for greater clarity.

Previously this add button did not accept clicks on new Exodus installs. The minimum window view is now set to x These behave similar to exchange all except they exchange half your chosen asset or the minimum amount necessary. We will soon have a way to change this via user preference for you bits lovers. Users no longer have to know about the swap button to switch assets. In a few instances the portfolio chart was drawn incorrectly and not properly closed - it looked like a donut with a small bite taken out. The word phrase is now presented more clearly, minimizing the chances that it may be written down in an incorrect order. We are working on a patch release now. Also, welcome China!