Your first visit at Astanga Ayurved clinic

  • During your personal consultation, An Ayurveda Doctor at Ashtanga Ayurveda center will discuss with you all your health problems and then design a complete plan to help you re-establish a state of internal harmony leading towards optimal health.
  • Generally, when starting with a new client, (Vaidya-Ayurveda Doctor) like to do an overall Ayurvedic assessment. This gives a solid picture of a person from Ayurvedic, psychological and emotional standpoints.
  • (Vaidya) can also do "goal-oriented" consultations such as how to meditate, certain health concerns, starting a spiritual practice, yogic breathing, guided meditation, etc.
  • On your first visit, an Ayurvedic physician ( Vaidya) like Dr. Dhanada will go through your past history: lifestyle, your family history and present health problems, determine your prakriti or particular combination of doshas (your tridosha) by examining your pulse, tongue, nails, eyes, face, and posture — as well as by listening closely to what you say about your eating, working, playing, sleeping, and other lifestyle habits — and assessing the way your voice sounds when you say it.
  • You may also be asked to fill out a written questionnaire diary on your diet and lifestyle which will help Vaidya to design a customized plan for only your constitutional make-up.
  • First session with Ayurveda Doctor at our Astanga Ayurveda clinic may last an hour or two depending so. Weeks or months later Vaidya Dhanada will probably want to monitor your progress by conducting much shorter follow-up visits.
  • Dr. Dhanada will then give you a customized health plan to help harmonize your doshas. This program involves a specific /individual understanding of eating habits, lifestyle regimen. Dr. Dhanada like to start her Ayurveda guidance by asking you to write about (8 days) lifestyle and dietary patterns for yourself.
  • The idea is for you to learn to heal yourself — you don’t rely on the healer to do it for you. Your relationship with your healer is vital, but ultimately, you’re in charge (which is where you want to be).
  • From First Visit to a Vaidya you take home is a homework for you to find your own rhythm to yourself, those imbalances, awaken body's own healing intelligence.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Astanga Ayurveda center and related every individual do not claim to heal or cure you of any specific symptoms or dis-ease but to provide understanding and support of your individual constitution so you can manage this as best as possible. You need to accept and realize that the responsibility to change and adjust your diet and Life-style is yours.