My Ayurveda Guru lineage

My Ayurveda Guru- Panchkarma Shiromani - वैदय प्रभाकर तानाजी जोशी Vaidya Prabhakar Tanaji Joshi (P. T. Joshi) a renowned Ayurved physician from Dhule Maharashtra, India.

We all call him “Nana” with love and respect. In Buddhism, Nana means knowledge and In Hinduism, Nana means – who is parallel to mother or father.

My Guru “Nanaji’(respected) is an ocean of Ayurveda knowledge and he shares it selflessly symbolic to a very motherly love. He is a form of 21st century’s “Lord Dhanwantari “(God of Ayurveda). Guruvarya P.T. joshi is living “seer “who is blessings to many of his students like me, a renowned master Ayurved healer and physician who introduced and established "Panchakarma" word in layman/public of Maharashtra, India for five decades now. More than 10,000 students have been trained by him to practice successful Panchakarma and take Ayurved to their very spirit and made them confident with sankalpa (संकल्प means an intention formed by the heart and mind) to practice Ayurved medicine forever their life.

He evolved ancient panchakarma procedures in a very simple form for modern, fast paced lifestyle and healed many chronic diseased people from his god-gifted hands in India. He is one of the very respected and recognized physicians in the field of Ayurveda Medicine in Maharashtra, India. Many prestigious awards, honorable titles and several executive positions of Ayurved organizations are bestowed to him for his life devoted to bring Ayurved medicine to its real-world applications. His teachings are the combinations of ancient wisdom with cutting edge medical applications for realistic practicable Ayurveda! Here is a sample. Among his teachings “Ayurved – panchkarma = Big Zero “is one of the famous sutras. He made it so simplified and constrictive form of this sutra(verse) which refers from teachings of ancient Charka Samhita as first father of internal medicine wrote……

दोषाः कदाचित् कुप्यन्ति जिता लङ्घनपाचनैः| जिताः संशोधनैर्ये तु न तेषां पुनरुद्भवः” Ch. Su 16/२०||

Morbid doshas/ diseases relieved by fasting and digestive drugs may sometimes get aggravated again, but those that are evacuated by panchakarma- purification therapies do not recur. Doshas/diseases, like plants, if not uprooted completely, would recur or relapse almost certainly.

Nana ji’s this nirantar (constant) “Gyan yagna-यज्ञ” (worshiping /offering knowledge) is continued by his next generation and my guru as well Vaidya Pravin Joshi- वैदय प्रविण जोशी sir and his wife Vaidya Kirti joshi वैदय किती॔ जोशी mam. They both received Ayurveda in their very genes, along with their formal training, the invaluable experience of learning from and working with their fathers made them the best among the Ayurved healers.

I have the privilege of learning and being with these amazing, gifted, internationally renowned, topnotch Ayurved physicians from India. I feel grateful to be able to combine my formal Ayurvedic education and my guru’s insightful practically applied Ayurved panchkarma teachings with my ancestral Vedic wisdom to help ignite healing journeys for others in vedic way. I feel inspired to serve and represent the ancient Vedic tradition of India in its completely authentic form, yet as relevant as possible to modern Ayurveda and Vedic seekers. As Vedic wisdom quotes- Ayurveda’s science knowledge is not just for one life but for eternal liberation, enlightenment (jivanmukti). I pray, every dawn for all who took shelter for their healing journey towards eternal liberation under the umbrella of this ancient vedic wisdom at Astang Ayurved Center.

- Hari Om Tat Sat